Peace of Mind and Security

We can help protect families against life's uncertainties.

Benefits of having Insurance

Protection for you and your family

Your family depends on your financial support to enjoy a decent standard of living, which is why insurance is especially important once you start a family. It means the people who matter most in your life may be protected from financial hardship if the unexpected happens.

Financial security for older people

Paying for medical bills, nursing care or other expenses associated with an illness or injury can be very expensive. Life insurance provides financial security at a time when it’s needed most. And if the unexpected happens, life insurance can help older people keep their homes after they've retired or provide income if they're unable to work due to illness or injury.

Death benefits for dependents

Life insurance doesn't just protect your family financially — it also pays out death benefits that could help them continue paying bills and living their lives without stress in the event of your death. And these payments can be made quickly and easily, so there's no need to worry about finances while grieving over someone's passing.

Protection for your assets

You need to think about how to protect your assets if you or your partner were to pass away unexpectedly. Life insurance can help ensure that your family will have enough money to cover their funeral expenses and other final expenses without having to worry about selling off the house or other assets in order to pay them off. It also provides protection for any debt you may have, such as a mortgage or loan on a car or furniture.

Peace of Mind

Life insurance is more than just a financial product. It's an opportunity to give your family peace of mind and security in the event of your untimely passing.When you purchase life insurance, you're not just purchasing a policy – you're purchasing a piece of mind for yourself and your loved ones.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an important part of your financial planning and can give you peace of mind in difficult times. In one easy monthly payment, you can get all the benefits of a lump sum payment if something goes wrong.

Life insurance provides financial protection against a range of situations: if you die, or suffer from illness or disability; if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness; to fund the annual costs for your children’s university education; or to pay off your debts (e.g., mortgages, credit cards) if you die during your policy term.

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What is Critical Illness?

Critical illness cover is an insurance policy that helps protect you if you become critically ill during the policy term. It pays out a tax-free lump sum that you can use however you like - whether that's to help cover health-related costs, monthly expenses, or lost income while you get better.

Your policy could also help you take more control of your health and wellbeing right away. It could pay for treatments like physiotherapy or counselling that can help you manage your condition better and get back on track faster.

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What is Income Protection?

 Income protection insurance provides a monthly payment if you're ill or injured and can't work. The policy pays a proportion of your lost earnings, which could help cover your monthly expenses. Income protection insurance can help fund expensive treatments for chronic conditions and long-term illnesses, so you're able to focus more on getting better and back to work.

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What is Over 50s Insurance?

Over 50 life insurance is an easy way to make sure your loved ones are protected after you're gone. It's a type of whole-of-life cover that gives you an opportunity to leave behind money for your family when you're no longer around. You can apply for it if you're aged 50 to 80 and are a UK resident.

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