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Aviva takes insurance to the next level with app-based coverage

Aviva Insurance has a new proposition for young drivers called “Quotemehappy Connect”.

The Quotemehappy Connect car insurance app rewards safe drivers with lower premiums, while providing those who need to improve their driving habits with personalised advice.

Aviva’s connected motor head Matthew Washer says that traditional blackbox telematics insurance policies have become an established way for young drivers to monitor their driving and reduce premiums. But technology has moved on, he adds, and the new app allows drivers to monitor their driving without the need for a box to be fitted professionally in their car.

With Quotemehappy Connect, drivers don’t have to use blackboxes. Instead, the app-based service uses a small windscreen-mounted device that pairs with the driver’s mobile phone.

“Young people want to demonstrate they are safe drivers, and this app allows them to do so in a simple way,” explains Washer.

Quotemehappy Connect helps young drivers stay safe on the roads and keep their insurance costs low. The app provides weekly ratings, personalised advice, and practical tips to help young drivers improve their driving skills.

Aviva has developed a new telematics motor insurance product in partnership with IMS and it covers cars up to 20 years old, worth up to £70,000. It is an addition to the brand's existing Essentials and Plus products.

IMS has announced that it is launching a new partnership with another company to create an app-based system designed to help young drivers avoid distracted driving.

We’re pleased to be working with Aviva to improve the experience for all drivers, and look forward to our continued collaboration.


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