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To serve customers, businesses must support society & the planet!

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has unveiled a three-year strategy that will focus on putting customers first and protecting our planet.

As the UK confronts the challenges of tomorrow, from climate change to emerging risks, the insurance industry is ready to work with Government and regulators to drive the change we need.

To meet these challenges, the ABI has developed a bold new strategy that focuses on three societal outcomes:

The Seal of Approval For Unmatched Excellence & Customer Satisfaction

The ABI is committed to delivering initiatives that improve customer outcomes and understanding of products. Just one example is the Fairer Finance toolkit, launched today by Plain Numbers and the ABI, which provides people with a better understanding of how interest rates work.

Empowering Our World

The insurance industry will continue to be a leader on sustainability issues and a champion for the opportunities and challenges facing society. The ABI has spearheaded the transition to a Net Zero sustainable future through its work on Solvency II reform and other initiatives, and it continues to drive progress forward.

A More Effective Market

To support customers and the economy, the regulatory and legislative framework must be amended to unlock the full potential of our sector. This will help our industry drive change that matters to customers and wider society.

The ABI's ambitious strategy is underpinned by its new purpose:

"Together, we can drive change to protect and build a thriving society."

The purpose and strategy set out the ABI's ambition to play a leading role on behalf of its members in creating an environment that helps to protect consumers from risk, while tackling the big issues of the day.

Hannah Gurga, ABI Director General, said:

The Association of British Insurers will pursue a new purpose and strategy that aims to build positive change for its members, customers and society. The ABI will work with key stakeholders and partners to support society, the economy and the planet by creating a new era of partnership between business and government. This will enable the industry to tackle long-term challenges and seize opportunities for protecting and building a thriving society. 


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